Digital Cutter Applications – Graphics, Packaging, Textiles,

The modular, flexible and versatile design of a DYSS Cutter is suitable for an enormous range of digital cutter applications and is capable of processing a vast amount of material types, as a result it is perfect for many different sectors.

Just Some DYSS Digital Cutter Applications:

Digital Cutter Applications Signs and GraphicsSign & Graphics

  • POP/POS Display
  • Flag, Poster, Banner
  • Signage
  • Labels/decal

Fast and precise, DYSS digital cutters can process all the signage materials you can throw at them: Acrylic, DIBOND®, rigid PVC (FOREX®), aluminium, HIP, MDF, vinyl, PVC banner, flag mesh, paper, foamcore, corrugated plastic, hexacomb, magnetic foil, corrugated, carton board, card and more.

In addition AG/CAD supply the best combination of tools and machine to give you the most professional finish possible. Whether you’re making signs, exhibition displays, posters, labels or banners a DYSS will give you the perfect result.

Digital Cutter Applications - PackagingPackaging

  • Samplemaking
  • Rubber cutter
  • Die-making

The X5 comes in a variety of sizes with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging substrates. As a result it can folding carton boxboard, corrugated up to triple wall, rigid displayboard, PETG, PP, polyethylene foam, etc. Even structural honeycomb boards, Kappa foam boards, textiles, and paper can be processed, along with many other materials.

In fact the X5’s tooling flexibility, lightning speed and automatic feeding options result in a genuine 24/7 digital cutting table. Furthermore it is able to service conventionally or digitally printed short-to-medium production runs.

Digital Cutter Applications Textiles Materials FabricsMaterials

  • Shoe
  • Upholstery
  • Fashion
  • Leather goods
  • Technical textile
  • Automotive/Aviation

We offer a range of innovative and specialised tools for cutting fabrics and textiles. With a DYSS you can process materials like leather, upholstery and all other flexible, fabric based materials. You can specify our rotating blade tool (RBT) and then you will cut your fabric perfectly without snagging.

If you are processing standard roll materials like paper and vinyl, then unwinding is normally provided by a passive Roll-Off device. However, the potential wrinkling and stretching of porous textiles are a totally different proposition. For this reason AG/CAD and DYSS have developed a sophisticated dynamic tension roll-feed solution on the cutting table.

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