DYSS X5 Digital Cutters

DYSS X5 digital cutters – for prototyping, sample making and short/medium production runs

With DYSS X5 digital cutters you can handle everything your packaging or point of sale company needs. From prototyping and sample making to short or medium production runs your X5 digital cutters will do it all. First of all, these machines are made to be robust and reliable, furthermore you will get extremely high quality results thanks to the superior Korean engineering.

DYSS X5 Digital Cutter with M Head Knife Cutting 5mm Foamex
DYSS X5 M Head Knife Cutting 5mm Foamex

The DYSS X5 digital cutters come in a variety of sizes with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging substrates. With an X5 you can process folding carton boxboard, corrugated up to triple wall, displayboard, PETG, PP, polyethylene foam, and more. Also you can even cut structural honeycomb boards, Kappa foam boards, textiles, and paper along with many other materials.

Flexibility and Performance

DYSS X5 digital cutters are available with a range of options including a conveyorised bed, and automated sheet feeders to turn the table into a full production unit.

DYSS X5 sample cutting tables combine tooling flexibility with lightning fast performance and semi or fully automatic feeding options. Therefore with an X5 you have a genuine digital die cutting machine able to service printed short-to-medium production runs.

Static DYSS X5 Digital Cutters and conveyor equipped ones are available
Static DYSS X5 Digital Cutter

If you do not use wide format materials, the compact sizes available in the X5 digital cutters range are perfect.

Also the X5 also makes the ideal second machine if you already have a wide format cutter at your premises.

Due to its small footprint you can install it in your design office, or anywhere floor space is limited.
Although smaller than the X7, the X5 is as versatile and at the same time faster, and at a much lower cost.

Why not contact us with your exact requirements to receive a tailored machine quotation.

DYSS X5 Digital Cutters offer you all of the below and more.

  • You can cut precisely at high speed materials up to 3.2 metres wide, including rolls of unlimited length
  • In our K-CUT software you can build a library of tool and speed combinations to cut different materials as required. Furthermore this adds efficiency and speed and helps your operator test the DYSS with new or unfamiliar materials.
  • Standalone Control Console with toolrack, drawer and PC, or optional built-in Control Panel.
  • Non-contact Tool Calibration Sensor – fool proof tool measurement sensor to calibrate blade/tool lengths accurately and automatically.
  • Optional K-CUT Vision System utilising clever software and a digital camera to find and recognise a variety of registration marks and/or board edges on pre-printed media, allowing efficient and accurate cutting of print to register.
  • In addition, using the optional conveyorised bed you have the ability to process jobs much longer than the machine. You can combine the conveyor system with a rear extension table for sheet materials or a unit to handle roll media.

To download one of our PDFs containing more information on our hardware and software please visit our downloads page by following this link.