Environmental modelling and rendering software – in3D

in3D – Environmental Modelling

in3D - environmental modelling and rendering softwareOur market-leading in3D environmental modelling software is included with KASEMAKE 11 as standard. This powerful 3D environment visualisation and animation tool allows you to build virtual 3D scenes such as a supermarket aisle, shelf unit, or even a complete store and then place your products into this 3D space. This environmental modelling software also allows for mocking up and visualisation of exhibition stands, signage and shop-fitting projects. in3D has been designed specifically for this type of work and generates amazing results quickly and easily.

in3D uses a new, advanced 3D engine which harnesses the full power of your graphics card and allows large environmental modelling scenes to be handled with ease. Improved lighting, shadow effects, reflectivity and stunning texture effects mean the live 3D view is impressively realistic.

in3D also has a special walkthrough mode which allows you to enter the 3D environment and navigate around it, viewing it from different angles as you would in the real world. This can be incredibly useful for designers, salespeople and even to show to your end customers.
in3D boasts comprehensive 3D animation tools to help you bring your products to life. Animations can be output in MP4 movie format to allow easy viewing on any mobile or desktop device. For maximum portability and compatibility, in3D has a PDF output allowing the recipient to view live 3D animation within standard Adobe Reader.

in3D also instantly generates high resolution images of scenes offering impressive realism without any need for time-consuming rendering post processes. These high quality images can be sent to customers for concept approval, proofing or used for internal purposes.