K-CUT Vision – Camera Guided Cutting

K-CUT Vision

X5 with camera guided cuttingThe Vision camera guided cutting System is an optional module available for the DYSS X9,  X7 and X5 machine ranges. When you add this module your DYSS can cut printed jobs accurately to register. Incorporating a high resolution, colour CCD camera mounted to the machine tool-head, the Vision System is able to recognise any type of registration mark printed on the material to be cut.

The sophisticated software compares the expected positions of these marks with the positions where the camera finds the actual marks on the material. Consequently the software recalculates the cutting paths within each job, compensating for position, rotation, and stretch to ensure accurate cutting of the job.

K-CUT Vision Pro – Camera Guided Cutting and Design Tools

K-CUT Vision Pro offers the cut to register functionality of K-CUT Vision but also has the full design capability of AG/CAD’s award winning KASEMAKE packaging design software. Furthermore KASEMAKE is considered the foremost packaging and POS/POP design system available, and is used by thousands of designers around the world.

Perfect for packaging, POS/POP design and signmaking/graphics, it has everything you need right out of the box, including a comprehensive style library featuring over 600 designs including FEFCO, ECMA, FSDUs, dump bins and many more. Additionally it features: unique 2D drafting tools; parametric FEFCO and ECMA style libraries; stunning 3D preview and animation capabilities; comprehensive exchange formats; easy design editing; an integral SQL database and job management/scheduling.

The video below gives an overview of the functions available in K-CUT Vision Pro:

K-CUT Vision Pro features:

  • Fast and intuitive with extensive list of intelligent drawing and design tools
  • Around 700 styles in built in design libraries, including FEFCO, ECMA and also POS/POP designs
  • Stunning 3D modelling and rendering to demonstrate product concepts
  • Comprehensive exchange formats including DXF, CF2, PDF, HPGL, EPS, DWG, AI
  • Built in scheduling tools specifically for design and production managers