As well as its design capability KASEMAKE Software enables you to get the best out of your DYSS Digital Cutter.
KASEMAKE is compatible with most output equipment: from printers, pen plotters, sample tables, digital cutters, lasers and CNC routers. Enhanced functionality is available for control of KM and DYSS cutting machines as well as machines from other manufacturers.

  • Designers and machine operators around the world use KASEMAKE to get the best results from their ideas and materials.
  • With KASEMAKE you have at your fingertips the result of 30 years of experience working with the industry. We have produced one of the most complete collections of specialised design and cutting tools on the market.
  • You will find that KASEMAKE’s speed, ease of use, functionality and built-in design templates make it essential for your business.

Router Offset tool

KASEMAKE CADYou can use KASEMAKE to prepare jobs for router cutting as well as knife cutting. The router offset tool generates a cut path which takes into account the diameter of the router bit. You can configure this tool so it generates multiple passes to cut tough materials in smaller “bites”. This is to avoid straining the spindle or damaging the bit. The tool has a further option to automatically add holding tabs to avoid small pieces moving once cut. There is also a function to incorporate a finishing pass to give optimum edge quality on the final cut.

Pocketing tool

When you want to mill out flat areas in a material with your router you need to use the pocketing tool. This is perfect for insetting or engraving text into a panel. Applied to closed paths this clever tool works out the most efficient route to mill out each area with minimal lifting of the router bit.

Automated production functionality

Many digital cutting machines have conveyorised transport systems to move media from the back of the machine forward, allowing longer-than-bed jobs or continuous repeat jobs to be handled. KASEMAKE has functionality to control conveyor movement and also to split long jobs into conveniently sized sections. This allows for continuous cutting of roll media or, with a suitable feeder, semi or fully automatic production for sheet media.


The Vision system is a fool-proof option for your DYSS cutter that cuts your printed jobs quickly and accurately.
A high resolution colour camera mounted to the tool-head automatically identifies registration marks that have been added to the artwork. Intelligent and flexible, the system can quickly recognise even badly printed or damaged marks. You can capture any kind of mark and the system can use it, this is particularly useful if someone has printed the job using non-standard marks. The camera can even detect the edges of media to cut plain or print face down sheets accurately.

The vision software compares the marks or edges found by the camera with their expected positions. Using this information, the software adjusts the cutting paths to compensate for any inaccuracies such as rotation, stretch and skew. KASEMAKE Vision cuts the job precisely even when the material is badly positioned or the print is significantly distorted.

To download one of our PDFs containing more information on our hardware and software please visit our downloads page by following this link.