Materials – Cutting Fabrics and Textiles

Cutting Fabrics and Textiles

Cutting Fabrics and Textiles - Innovative Roll Tension SystemAG/CAD and DYSS have a range of innovative and specialised tools and add-ons for cutting fabrics and textiles including leather, upholstery and other flexible, fabric based materials. Rotating blade tools which can cut your fabric perfectly without snagging threads are available.

For general customers that process standard roll-fed materials like paper, plastic films and vinyl, roll unwinding is normally provided by a relatively simple passive Roll-Off device. However, the potential wrinkling and stretching of porous textiles are a totally different proposition. AG/CAD and DYSS have overcome this perplexing challenge with a sophisticated dynamic tension roll-feed solution on the cutting table.

Fitted to the rear of the DYSS, the auto tensioning system applies a constant tension to fabrics and dynamically adjusts the forces on the material as unwinding takes place which eradicates creases and wrinkles forming. Different materials and roll widths require different tension levels, so to cater for this the system has an almost infinitely variable tension control feature allowing quick and simple adjustment by the operator for each material. By cutting fabrics and textiles with the consistent tension specifically required for each, customers can ensure unsurpassed cutting precision whilst preventing any deformation that could compromise the precision and cut quality.