Zund G3 Zund S3 Alternative – DYSS X7 and X9

Zund G3 and S3 Alternative: the DYSS X7 Digital CutterThe DYSS X7 and X9 Digital Cutters

If you’re considering a Zund S3 or Zund G3 Digital Cutter, then you really need to take a look at the DYSS x7 and X9 range. Superb Korean build quality, fantastic performance and competitive pricing make the DYSS the only Zund cutter alternative.


With the growth of digital printing comes shorter production runs and delivery times, creating bottlenecks in the finishing department.
In Addition the DYSS X7 Digital die cutting system will maximise your quality and productivity just like a Zund G3. With a DYSS you can automate your finishing, eliminate costly mistakes, and reduce your labour costs thanks to its fast, accurate, camera guided routing and knife cutting.


X9 Digital Cutters have been designed for applications where production speed is paramount. The X9 has the same functionality and tooling as the X7, but with an innovative motion control system. This system gives you enviable power and performance, while retaining control and accuracy even on the finest detail. Impressive linear speeds and acceleration mean you’ll struggle to find a faster digital cutter capable of knife cutting and routing.

Zund G3 Zund S3 Alternative

Typically, high speed machines use rack and pinion drive systems and so will fall down on detail such as small radii. Alternatively they use belt drives which will often handle detail better, but struggle with lateral and vertical power. However the ground-breaking motion system on the X9 allows it to excel in both areas. If you don’t want to compromise the X9 is the machine for you – ultrafast, powerful and fine control all in one impressive package.

  • Precise high speed cutting of materials up to 3.2 metres wide, including rolls of unlimited length
  • Precision cutting of jobs longer than the table with the automatic roll feed and conveyor system just like on a Zund Cutter.
  • Sheet/board feeder and hopper allow for continuous production in a busy working environment.
  • Non-contact Tool Calibration Sensor  enables all tools to calibrate height offset automatically.
  • Option of an extension conveyor increases work flow by allowing the removal of complex cut shapes whilst cutting continues.
  • Printing and media distortions are present in all jobs. K-Cut Vision efficiently records these non-uniform distortions and calculates new optimized cut paths. This gives precise results time and time again, reduces waste and enhances quality.
  • Printweek – the online industry magazine said “The DYSS X7 cutting machine, which will cost between £50,000 and £100,000, depending on tooling configuration, has been designed to compete with the Zund G3 and Zund S3.”

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